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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Trim Healthy Mama for my Mama

With my moms permission, I am sharing her progress toward healing and how Trim Healthy Mama has been an integral part of this journey toward regaining her health.

In my previous posts I have given you a bit of information about what happened with my moms current health condition. I will give a brief summary along with sharing how Trim Healthy Mama has been a huge blessing in her recovery.

Six weeks ago I went to my moms house and found she was really struggling with her health. I didn't know what was wrong, but she was taken by ambulance to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a serious infection that started from a diabetic wound on her foot. When she entered the hospital her blood glucose levels were in the mid 400's. After three days of the hospital diabetic menu as well as insulin shots (for her very first time ever) multiple times per day, they had her blood sugar in the 300's. I decided it was time to put my THM knowledge into action. Get that blood sugar down and stabilize it! I asked some of my fellow admin friends who have diabetes or knowledge of it, and armed with that specific information as well as my knowledge of THM principals, I went through my moms menu at the hospital and placed stars next to all the foods she could eat. In addition, I brought in premade protein shakes that were low carb and filled with good ingredients, Zevia pops, Sobe and Vitamin water zeros. She had plenty of yummy things to drink and a menu she could work with.

Within 24 hours her numbers dropped over 100 points and by the next day she was under the target blood glucose number of 140!!! It was amazing. She was under and holding in her goal range. It was really exciting! Almost a week later she went in for a surgery, they said that often blood sugar numbers will also rise with sickness and traumas to the body such as surgery. While she had some slight spikes, overall, she continued on keeping her numbers under 140. A couple of days after her surgery, the head surgeon (she had 4) came in and asked her who put her on the diet she was on, she told him her daughter did. He paused and said "whatever she tells you to do, do it!!"! That was such an exciting endorsement! I only wish he had asked more about the plan, what was she doing and why it was working. Unfortunately the medical community doesn't seem to work that way. Maybe someday...

After a full 10 days in the hospital my mom was released home. We hired caregivers to come in and care for her 9-10 hours a day. They were instructed to follow only my food guidelines. I have been teaching caregivers how to make Big Boy Smoothies, which they all love. I have given quick summaries of the plan to occupational therapists, and as it turns out, her physical therapist is a THM!! I have stocked her freezer and fridge with good foods that they can make easily for her.

Now fast forward a couple of weeks. She goes to her primary physician for a follow up. They get her stats and vitals, and then the visit with the doctor. My mom asks if she can go off of her insulin and try controlling her diabetes through food alone. (Please, check with your doctor if you are interested in doing this, don't just quit!) He agreed to a two week trial! She quit her insulin that day, we went and created a full THM menu plan for all meals. She was now "on plan" 100% of the time.

She checks her blood sugar levels 5 times per day. Every day, every number, was right on. She was eating mostly S meals, but she still had her E's and a few S helpers as well. It was really exciting to watch her numbers come completely under control and her blood sugar stabilize without the insulin.

Fast forward two more weeks, another follow up doctor visit. We have a log of all her numbers day by day to bring to the doctor. We go in and again, they take down her stat and vitals. Everything is looking great. They read over her glucose numbers and were SO IMPRESSED!! Our next big surprise was over the 2.5 weeks since her last doctor visit she was down 24 POUNDS!! Everyone was so happy and cheering! We had not gone in to this with weight loss as the goal, but it was sure a wonderful side bonus!

The doctor said she needs to share what she is doing because it is working SO WELL! The doctor ordered an in house A1C test to check her long range blood sugar readings. When she entered the hospital she was at 8.3, after 15 minutes we learned her A1C was now (can you stand it??!! Drumroll please.....................)      6.7       !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wow!! This was AWESOME news! We fully anticipate for her number to drop below 6 by her next visit. Praise God!!

He loved her numbers so much that he agreed she did not need insulin, she was doing a fabulous job controlling her numbers through diet alone, than you Trim Healthy Mama and God who guided me to it. We were all so very happy with all the news we received.

In addition, when my mom left the hospital she left with a fancy wound vacuum on her foot wound. It was quite large and deep, to the bone. They told her that she would need that wound vac on her foot for approximately 3 months. One thing I have learned is the importance of protein in healing the body. Wounds and tissue repair occur so much more efficiently when there is adequate protein in the diet. Truly, it's astounding the difference it makes. Well, 6 weeks after she left the hospital her foot wound no longer needs a vac!! It was removed and she now has just a surface wound that will now finish healing with proper care! AMAZING! What they projected to be a 3 month issue, minimum, was cut in half! God is so good!

I am so very thankful for the knowledge I have gained through Trim Healthy Mama. I feel like God filled me with the needed guidance to help my mom heal in this time. I am looking forward to continued good reports from the doctor and for my mom to grow stronger and be even healthier and more energetic before this whole episode.

If you struggle with your health, would like to control your blood sugar, whether you are diabetic or not, I would love to share with you about THM. It has made such an impact in my life, my husbands and now this additional incredible testimony for my mom. I am a THM'er for LIFE!

With Joy and Gratitude ~ Tina


  1. Wow!!! Tina, this is amazing news about your mom. You are a true blessing to her. You've helped save her life! Praise God for all of this wonderful news. <3

    1. <3 Thank you so much!! I feel so blessed to have her here with us still and she is improving each day!!! It excites me and makes me want to share THM with everyone!! (Seriously, I sit there at doctors offices thinking how much I want to share this with their patients, LOL)

    2. What a blessing!! My mom was a lifelong diabetic... Her endo would have been jumping through hoops at THM .... some doctors do listen to their patients :) ... I'm so glad that things are going so well for your mom and I hope and pray that those that educate in the medical field will recognize this plan and all its benefits. be blessed <3

    3. Judy, I am so sorry your mom struggled with diabetes her whole life.
      I want so badly to share THM with all of the doctors we meet....maybe someday!

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  3. What an amazing testimony!!! So thankful that your Mom is doing better!

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  5. That is wonderful news! My 38 year old son went through basically the same scenario but unfortunately he did not make it. Since then I have tried to be even more diligent about my own diabetes care and I do well most of the time. I have been attempting to follow THM for a couple of months now. Coud I see a copy of your mothers menu plan since we diabetics have a few more food issues to deal with? Thanks!

    1. Oh Jacque, I am so very sorry to hear that. :(

      I will make up a post soon that outlines what my mom has been eating. Although I will say it has been a learning curve and my best guess is, each persons best menu will be quite personal. I will introduce foods and then we check and see how she responds. I will work on writing up that list very soon! Thank you for your comment. <3

  6. What a great testimony! Did you list the meal plan anywhere? I would love to have that as a guide. I think I've been doing more E meals than S meals. Looks like I've done it backwards!

    1. Hi Debi, I am going to work on writing up what I did for my mom, but like I mentioned to Jaque above, I really believe that each person is so unique you will have to try and test foods and see how your body reacts. Primarily, I made sure she had plenty of protein, and I did do some S helpers as well. So far so good. I with you the best success on your THM journey!

  7. Wow, what a lot you have been through. What a essing you could help your mom!!

  8. So happy for you and your Mom's success! Would LOVE to see the menu you created for her...I have diabetic family and friends!

    1. I am definitely going to write something up, I will caution you though, I truly believe that each persons sensitivity will have to be tried and tested. At least this will give you a jumping off point. Be sure they stay in touch with their physician!! :)
      Thank you for celebrating with me!!

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