Oil Of Joy: My Weekly Meal Plan!


Monday, September 7, 2015

My Weekly Meal Plan!

I am not sure I will be able to do this for you every week at this point, but I do plan to post one as often as I sit and make a plan. Truthfully, I would LOVE to post this every week, it helps me so much to stay on plan when I have a plan! So for now, I will do the best I can and post my meals with links when I do make time to create this.

Breakfasts - always egg free:
FP - Big Boy Smoothie - I will make mine with strawberries, I plan to have this twice this coming week
FP- Overnight oats with blueberries - recipe coming soon! I plan to have this twice as well.
E - Cinnamon rolls....I am HOPING to have a recipe for this one!
S - Goat yogurt with berries and walnuts, I will have this twice this week.

S - Beef hot dogs with cauliflower and shredded cheddar cheese
S - Leftover Taco Salad
S - Salmon fillet with sauteed cabbage, I will have this twice this week.
S - Sandwiches on Just Like Grandmas Rolls and lean deli meat, lettuce tomato, bell pepper slices. I will have this twice this week.
FP - Leftover Cabbage taco soup, I will have this twice this week.

S - Taco Salad
E - Sloppy Joes
FP - Chicken breasts cooked on the BBQ (I always buy a large family pack and cook them up for quick additions to snacks or meals) broccoli and cauliflower side dish
FP - Fat Burning Cabbage Tortilla soup - I am adding some of that chicken we will BBQ this week to this meal. I can then turn it into an E buy slicing and baking corn tortillas, or adding cooked brown rice OR an S by adding avocado, cheese and sour cream, or goat cheese for a more allergy friendly version. I will decide that night what I am in the mood for.
E - Chicken Enchilada Rice Casserole with a salad (recipe coming soon!)
E - Slow Cooker Chicken Quinoa Chili (be sure to omit S ingredients to keep this an E), salad
We will be planning to eat dinner out one night this week, YAY! :)

S - Goat Yogurt with berries, I will have twice this week for snack just like for breakfast
S - skinny chocolate I will have twice this week
E - Banana Zucchini Cake I will have three times this week

FP - Cookie Bowl Oatmeal with Strawberries I will make a double batch and have this twice this week
S - Chocolate chip cookie bar, I will have this twice this week
E - Zucchini Banana Cake, I will have this twice this week (it makes a big pan)
S - Cheesecake berry crunch, I make it with goat cheese!

I use the Trim Healthy Mama Oat Fiber in my Chocolate Chip cookie bars, personally I have found it to be the best of all oat fiber options and the only one to be certified gluten free! I also use my preferred sweetener, Sweet Blend by THM in my cookies as well. Best flavor! I have just started playing with the Gentle Sweet and hope to have recipes coming out soon! So far, I LOVE it!
If you are interested in trying it, I would appreciate your purchase through my affiliate link, it costs you nothing extra, but helps me create more yummy goodness!
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With joy ~ Tina


  1. What a great menu plan! So organised and everything looks yummy. I have Trim Healthy Mama too - truly inspirational.