Oil Of Joy: My Unleavened Bread Meal Plan


Monday, April 25, 2016

My Unleavened Bread Meal Plan

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Choosing meals during unleavened bread is certainly easier now that we are gluten free. However, there are some things, like muffins and Just Like Grandmas Rolls that I really miss!

To make things simple this week, I came up with this easy plan and I would like to share it with you in case you are also looking for some inspiration!

Warm Chia Porridge (3 times this week) with chicken breakfast sausages
Fat Stripping Frappa (2 times this week)
Oatmeal with Maple Extract and Pecans for my fat (2 times this week)

Split Pea soup with chicken breast (2 times this week)
Loaded Fotato Soup (2 times this week)
Sesame Chicken Noodles (2 times this week)
Salad with Tuna and EVOO/Balsamic dressing

Skinny chocolate
No bake Cookies
Cheesecake Berry Crunch
Glorious Glycine pudding
1/2 serving oatmeal (I am trying to add some carbs before bed to see if it will help me sleep better)

Sloppy Joes with Sweet potatoes and salad
Enchilasagna Casserole with Cauli Spanish Rice
Cowboy Grub with Salad
Amish Cabbage Patch Soup
Chana Dahl with Salad
TACOS!!!! :)

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