Oil Of Joy: My Weekly Meal Plan!


Sunday, January 3, 2016

My Weekly Meal Plan!

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I am back in the game peeps!! I am not able to guarantee I will post a weekly meal plan every week, but I will when I am able to!

For me, I realize that when I have a plan for EVERYTHING I am going to eat in a day, I do much better! So here is my plan!

For those new to my blog, I create recipes and share ideas that are allergy friendly.

This weeks plan for 1/3 - 1/9

Breakfasts - always egg free
S - A Home with Purpose Porridge, I add berries and protein powder (have this twice)
S - Blueberry Scones  I may use cranberries instead and add orange zest YUM! (will have these twice)
E - Chocolate Banana Muffins page 283 from the THM Cookbook (will have these twice)
S - Breakfast Sandwiches using Just Like Grandmas Rolls  and beef breakfast sausage patties

S - Sandwiches on Just Like Grandmas Rolls with lean deli meat and all the fixings! Earth Milk (I will have this twice this week)
S - Sesame noodles ( a recipe in the works, if its delish, I will be blogging about it!)
S - Just Like Campbells Tomato soup with chicken
S - Salmon fillet and cabbage
S - Leftover soup (will have this twice)

E - Sweet potato oat soup page 102 from the THM Cookbook
S - Cornbread Mexican Pie (I will make egg free and update my blog with results!) page 132 THM Cookbook
S - Suas and Cabb page 58 THM Cookbook
E - White Wicked Chili page 37 THM Cookbook
S - Lemon Drummies page 51  THM Cookbook
XO - Tacos! (in my world they are just best when I plan for a xo)
E - Cowboy Grub page 59 THM Cookbook

FP - Fat Stripping Frappa (3 times)
S - Skinny Chocolate and Tea (twice)
E - Chocolate Banana Muffins (twice)

S - Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar (twice)
E - Pineapple Upside Down Cake page 290 THM Cookbook (twice)
FP - Cookie Bowl Oatmeal with berries (twice)
S - Chocolate Cupcakes with this as frosting: http://simplyhealthyhome.com/dairy-and-sugar-free-chocolate-sauce/

Have a great week everyone!
With Joy ~ Tina